What's New in Nubra Ver 2.4.0
Here's a wrap up of what we've been cooking for you lately!
We are constantly working to improve your BuildPiper experience,
here is a summary of what has changed.

New Features

  • New Ability to create envrions to encapsulate build and deploy definitions for a group of services - like Dev, QA .. Prod Environs.
  • Centrally manage Secrets and Configmaps, Vault and Sonar secrets at environ level
  • New Track and manage the asychronous activities status via Ongoing Activities Tracker
  • SSO login with out of the box support for Google, Github, Gitlab, BitBucket etc..
  • Ability to very intuitively define node affinity and Pod affinity/anti affinity


  • Now Build Definitions and Deploy Definitions for an Environ of a service can be setup and cloned independently, making it possible to use either/or or all features as per requirement
  • Enabled ability to add CI configurations for CI checks to be performed during manual build as well
  • Secrets and Configmaps can be picked from Environ for Service Deploy definitions, making it very easy to configure a service.
  • Added Pre & post hooks integration during build & deploy configurations
  • Entry Point command definition during Deloy details
  • Improved Log visualization and introduced infinite scroll feature. This will eliminate issues lile browser hanging or slow loads irrespective of log size or network issues.
  • Ability to visualize BP queue state and debug any issues related to BP queue
  • Registry Support: Added multiple Docker registry support like Nexus, ACR etc
  • Improved rolling update strategy - Now one can configure detailed strategies for rolling update
  • Ingress Setup: While setting up Ingress added autoscaling and resource quota allocation
  • Multiple Ingress Support
  • Namespace resource quota allocation is now optional for you

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Fixed Permissions related issues (like response time was slow)
  • Fixed Fixed Resource quota limits during service Onboarding
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