A Multi-Client SaaS Deployment with BuildPiper to Drive Scalability and Growth

A leading investment management technology company, offering scalable solutions to financial institutions across the globe.

Business Objective

The client’s legacy EAM application presented challenges in scaling and efficiently managing deployments for multiple customers. Traditional server-based infrastructure required manual configuration, hindering agility and increasing onboarding time.

Challenges Faced

Within a tight 3-month timeframe,
needed to migrate an EAM
monolithic product to microservices-based architecture.

The necessity to ensure consistency while deploying the SaaS product to multiple customer environments.

A multi-environment setup was required to enhance the development process cost-effectively.

Infrastructure provisioning is needed to be upgraded with infrastructure as code (IaC) for automation.

Required to switch from a multi-tenant to an individual tenant model in K8s to ensure data privacy and security.

Set up a centralized monitoring and logging solution for visualizing various resources in one place.

Needed CI/CD pipelines setup with approval gates for faster
feature deployment.

Implement a secure solution for managing secrets in the EKS cluster.

Delivered Solution

  • To establish a secure and scalable foundation for multi-client deployments, our experts Dockerized the EAM application, eliminating hard-coded secrets and containerizing
    key components.

  • Implemented a hybrid cloud strategy to achieve cost efficiency. Our experts migrated lower environments to the E2E Cloud while leveraging the AWS Cloud for higher environments.

  • Leveraged AWS Control Tower and Terraform to set up a centralized logging and auditing framework for a secure, multi-tenant K8s environment.

  • For centralized visibility across all environments in a multi-customer SaaS deployment, Grafana and Kibana were implemented as monitoring and logging solutions, respectively.

  • BuildPiper, the DevOps native platform, automated deployments, and accelerated customer onboarding. Its BPCTL tool rapidly integrated microservices, enabling faster SaaS adoption.

  • To ensure adherence to compliance regulations and manage secrets within
    an EKS cluster, Hashicorp Vault
    was implemented.

To shift to individualized deployments in Kubernetes, our experts implemented multiple strategies, including:

Business Impact

Lowered Troubleshooting Time & Reduced Complexities.

50% Reduction in Infrastructure Costs.

Enhanced GitOps for Seamless CI/CD.

Complete Transformation of Monolithic Applications to Microservices.

Up to 80% Faster Onboarding for New Customers.

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