Still using traditional CI/CD tools, here’s a glimpse of what you are missing out

A world of modern-age application delivery

Automate everything. Manage less. Deliver more

A shift left approach is the need of the hour

Automating tasks earlier in the development process can help to improve code quality and security. BuildPiper enables this shift left approach with its out-of-the-box features.

CXO Dashboards & DORA Metrics

Well-informed data in capsule format is the only sensible way to move forward in this super-fast world. That’s why BuildPiper has state-of-the-art dashboards that provide insights right from pipelines, and cost-optimisation suggestions to MTTR.

Trusted by super awesome brands

A flexible platform for all users with a dedicated support system.

The age of Platforms only made for developers is long gone. BuildPiper is the platform that can be leveraged by all engineering teams due to its flexibility and functionality.

It’s a UI-driven world, so why not a UI-driven pipeline

BuildPiper has a graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easy to create and manage pipelines, even for users who are not familiar with scripting languages.

Multi-cloud deployments made super easy

No more additional configuration and scripting just deploy. BuildPiper supports out-of-the-box deployments to multiple cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, GCP, Alibaba, and others.

What BuildPiper’s Feature-rich Pipelines Offer

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BuildPiper Marketplace

A central repository consisting of all critical and proven accelerators (a.k.a steps) for seamless implementation and streamlined execution. And you can even submit your own.

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Dive into Kubernetes, Platform Engineering, GitOps, and CI/CD: Discover resources across all levels, with our articles, videos, and tutorials. Stay ahead, start now!


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What is Jenkins Vulnerability ?

Jenkins vulnerability refers to security weaknesses in the Jenkins automation server, which attackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access, execute code, or disrupt server operations. Regular updates and security measures are essential to mitigate these risks.

Why is Jenkins so complicated ?

Limited insight into Jenkins installations and projects leads to work disruptions and increase risk. Jenkins lacks server-to-server federation, leading to potential performance issues in large-scale setups. Multiple teams utilizing Jenkins can result in numerous standalone servers, posing management challenges.

How is BuildPiper CI/CD better than Jenkins ?

BuildPiper CI/CD excels over Jenkins by offering built-in security scanning through reusable templates and organization-wide blueprints, ensuring compliance readiness from the outset. Unlike Jenkins, which necessitates custom configurations for security integrations, BuildPiper integrates holistic security checks seamlessly into the code delivery process.

Does BuildPiper replace Jenkins ?

Yes, you can use BuildPiper for your entire CI/CD lifecycle. BuildPiper is purpose-built for ‘Shift Left Automation’ and higher Developer Productivity. It is a Central Platform for all the stakeholders of a tech organization – From Developers, QA, Security, DevOps/SRE/Infra teams, and senior leadership. It follows a unique approach, where Pipelines and Application Metadata are decoupled for simplified orchestration and operations through both a seamless UI and CLI. Jenkins requires custom configurations for these holistic properties.


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