Zero Touch Microservices Delivery

BuildPiper enables a hassle-free end-end Microservices Delivery. Right from service onboarding to continuous integration and delivery pipelines- all of it is delivered with just a few clicks. The end result of all of this is a faster Microservices delivery and a quicker product/feature rollout.

  • 2 minutes to onboard a Microservice
  • Easy Setup of service with one-click environment creation
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GitOps-oriented CI-Sec-CD Pipelines

Buildpiper enables an intuitive and easy setup of feature-rich delivery pipelines for a seamless and secure product release. With Buildpiper, product & engineering teams get.

  • Micro & Macro(Multiple Services in one go) Delivery Pipelines
  • Super Flexible & Configurable Pipelines (With detailed Step Catalog)
  • UI and YAML Support
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Managed Security & Observability

Platform Governance, Security & observability across the delivery lifecycle is an integral part. Empowering development & entire engineering team with the right governance, cost optimization & reliability with unique functionalities like

  • Deployment Analytics
  • Monitoring, Log, & other tools ecosystem built comprehensively
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Managed Kubernetes

BuildPiper makes Kubernetes cluster ready for day 0 operations of Microservices Applications, by providing features such as easy onboarding of clusters, monitoring, logging along with ingress & Namespace management & many more.

  • Onboard an existing cluster with 2 simple steps
  • Create & manage ingress with ease
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