Shift Left across the application delivery lifecycle with focus on Developer Productivity

Service Name Definition

With BuildPiper, seamlessly onboard microservices with standardized conventions across multi hybrid cloud Kubernetes Infrastructure along with complete authentication and access granularity.

Adding Environment

BuildPiper enables you to adopt ‘Feature based’ development approach seamlessly with multiple dynamic lower environments and automated scheduled downtime options for cost savings.

Setup Build Details

Build application image by providing a few declarative inputs like code repository & connectivity. Quick addition of Pre hooks & Post hooks, before & after image creation makes any build process a cakewalk.

Setup Deploy Details

Application is the focal point, hence templates of automated configurations are available with limited inputs needed around the behaviour of the application - affinity, resource consumption, scalability patterns etc.


Dashboard that gives you the right Insights

BuildPiper provides comprehensive visualization of Deployment Status with deep analytical reporting on potential reasons for failure. The goal is to identify the reason for a deployment failure and drastically reduce MTTR (Recovery Time). Actionable insights from service logs, pods status, container status and much more to empower engineering teams.


What BuildPiper Dashboard Offers

  • Conditions

    Displays conditions related to the deployment status, provides a standard mechanism for reporting

  • Container Status

    Displays the current status of the container, which includes container health, errors and vulnerabilities report

  • Replication Status

    This shows the number of total replicas, ready replicas, available replicas, and non-available replicas

  • Autoscaling Status

    This helps to know whether the auto-scaling feature is enabled or disabled for the cloud infrastructure

  • Update number of Replicas

    The number of replicas can be set manually and the service will be scaled to the updated number of replicas

  • YAML Files

    YAML files of the resources deployed by the service deployment can be viewed which includes Replica Set Yaml etc

By deploying production grade microservices under 5 minutes, we achieved a 100% reduction in time to production

Pawan Kumar, CTO, Wheebox

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Validate Code Quality, security vulnerabilities & much more before deploying


Comprehensive CI Analysis

With multiple stages to choose from, BuildPiper brings the ability to standardize complete CI analysis such as code quality, unit testing, code coverage and code security.

Multiple Services - Build & Deploy at one go

Looking to build & deploy multiple services together, simply check the box or deploy the required ones with our clever application delivery and achieve a 100% reduction in deployment time & cost.

End to End Delivery Automation

Configuration & Scaling

Manage configurations externally using the configuration file, unlike any other management platform. Autoscaling with standard HPA & additionally Time stamp-based HPA ensures user traffic patterns are addressed well.

Secrets Management

With Hashicorp Vault integration, seamless secrets management is available out of the box. At the same time, usage of any other Secret Manager (AWS, GCP, Azure etc.) is also available.


With BuildPiper’s ‘Security - First’ mindset, there are multiple options to securely manage access with custom ingress rules for the public, protected, and private traffic on the services.

Downtime Scheduler

Engineering teams can scale down and scale up all services automatically via UI-defined schedules. Thus saving huge cloud costs through Dynamic Automated Environments.

BuildPiper Sandbox

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