What’s New in Nubra Ver 2.11

This release comes with some major feature updates such as K8S 1.24 version template support, configuring a backup cluster, Google Artefact Repository support, trigger pipelines using Jira transitions and many more along with bug fixes & performance improvements.

New Features

  • K8S 1.24 version template support

  • Visualize real-time deployment status from pipeline execution and deployment trigger page

  • Support for Google Artefact Repository (GAR)

  • Trigger pipelines using Jira transitions

  • Configure the backup cluster in case the main cluster goes down

  • Add Sidecar container/containers to service

  • Celery Monitoring & BP agent auto restart

  • GITOPS reporting UI

  • Deployment Insights

  • Build Insights

  • Pagination in the pipeline history page

  • New release notification and link to release notes (beside version)

  • Support of Google Chat

  • Custom jobs and job steps in the job template

  • Filter tags on basis of a regular expression on the environmental level

  • The exact reason for deployment rollout failure will not be printed in the logs

  • Mount the entire nested config map directory in your container now



  • Users can now download the log files step-wise
  • More user-friendly UI for pipeline configuration
  • Fixed K8s pod restart error
  • Fixed the length of the CI and CD details page
  • Redesigned build & deploy buttons
  • Sensitive data encryption in the properties file
  • Multi-arch image building using native architecture


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Public Image download issue in BuildKit
  • Fixed Bugs in config map, secrets and credentials(BPCTL)
  • Environment Downtime Scheduler fine-tuned
  • Fixed Environment Name not visible issue in the log viewer