What’s New in Nubra Ver 3.0

This release comes with some major feature updates such as Support of Config Map, Secrets and Credential in BPCTL, Logs with separate Log Files, Pipeline new UI, Support for GAR & more.

New Features

  • New Feature

    Support of Config Map, Secrets and Credentials in BPCTL

  • Support for Google Artifact Repository (GAR)

  • Pipeline trigger based on jira ticket shift state

  • Complete Disaster Recovery(DR) scenario of Cluster

  • Celery Monitoring & BP agent auto restart

  • Support for Empty Directoy and Host Path

  • Runtime microservice specific during pipeline execution

  • Ability to select a specific tag for deployment of a microservice in a pipeline

  • Sidecar support in Buildpiper

  • Ability to resume/continue pipeline

  • Environment Level Search to be enabled on the Job Execution History Screen

  • New Feature

    Re-trigger the pipeline from the pipeline history



  • Logs with separate Log Files
  • Pipeline new UI
  • Public Image download issue in case of BuildKit
  • Deployment Analytics brought in Deploy and Pipeline page
  • Fix length of CI and CD details page
  • Data encryption in properties file
  • Pagination in Pipeline History page
  • POD Application Logs Visibility


Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixes for Scheduled Downtime
  • Log Viewer – Environment Name was not visible
  • View Run Parameters of the pipeline are displaying an empty screen
  • The edit button of the pipeline displays a blank screen
  • Edit job step UI of a pipeline loading twice
  • The ordering of the environment is not be maintained during the view runtime parameters
  • Pipeline email is of non standard format
  • Pipeline re-triggers all the service rather than selected service
  • Downtime scheduler Issue
  • Git listener branch change issue
  • If a queue goes down it should not disappear from Health UI
  • Client logo not visible in the new tag