Lenskart is the leading e-commerce portal for eyewear in India, headquartered in New Delhi. With more than 900+ stores Lenskart has revolutionised the eyewear industry in the country with its omnichannel approach.

Challenges Faced
  • Current Supply Chain & Fulfillment application was being modernized and needed to be extremely nimble.
  • A need for robust underlying platform was felt that could enable seamless CI-CD for this application.
  • Needed to ensure security & compliance with Shared Responsibility Model.
  • Empowering Development & QE teams to be self-sufficient in managing the application delivery lifecycle.
  • Required a User-friendly CI-CD Platform with a flexible Template-based approach.
  • Complexities in Managing Kubernetes & Microservices Application delivery.

Solution Offered!
With BuildPiper Platform Lenskart were able to
  • Enabled Developers and QE teams to independently manage deployments on lower environments – even with limited Kubernetes Knowledge
  • Comprehensive Security checks enabled CI-CD workflow with approvals and JIRA integration as needed (modular)
  • Multiple automated dynamic environments available for development teams
  • Onboarded aws EKS clusters for seamless Kubernetes management
  • Created Template-based approach for microservices delivery
  • Empowered GitOps Direction
  • Multi & Single Services Pipeline for build & Deployment
  • Easy YAML, Helms Charts integration for Pro Users

Final Outcomes
How BuildPiper empowered India’s leading Eyewear Retail Platform with faster application delivery, lower cost, and seamless manageability.

Enabled Authorization Granularity for operations across services & environments

Robust Deployment Analytics in place thus empowering SRE team to monitor microservices seamlessly.

80% Reduction in Deployment Time & Costs

Automated log audit evidence collection with Jira Integration

70+ Microservices onboarded; 350 planned

20+ Custom CI-CD Pipelines