Adda247 is one of India’s largest edtech platforms catering to more than 40 million users in a year. The company houses multiple platforms such as the Adda247 mobile app, Adda247 Youtube channels,,,, and Career Power.
Hence, the ability to make changes faster & stable along with the ability to manage multiple technology components of the platform is extremely critical for them.

Challenges Faced
  • Kubernetes Cluster Production Reliability issues
  • Managing Microservices deployments seamlessly
  • Ensuring seamless Autoscaling of the services
  • Ensure 360-degree Observability across the application
  • Lengthy & Time-consuming Automated Deployments

Solution Offered!
  • Create production-grade, fully secure, scalable, and managed Kubernetes cluster on aws EKS with optimized nodes through our product – BuildPiper
  • Onboard Microservices via custom Manifest UI.
  • Deploy Microservices seamlessly via BuildPiper custom CI-CD pipelines
  • Setup Monitoring and Logging with Out of the box observability and integrated Open APM

Final Outcomes
Adda247 just took 24 minutes to onboard all their microservices.

Production Grade Managed Kubernetes Cluster setup in 60 minutes

Comprehensive Monitoring and Logging setup in 30 minutes

Within 24 minutes, all Microservices were onboarded

Macro-pipeline deployment setup was done within 15 minutes