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Challenges Faced
  • Simplifying on-demand setup of AWS services like – RDS, EKS, and Elasticache.
  • Cutting down costs on pre-prod environments – Staging environment.
  • Conducting reliable load testing.
  • Required on-demand scaling to support over 2 Million concurrent users.
  • The platform experienced latency issues that negatively affected the user experience.
  • Ensuring the exactness of assessment results even in the event of network failure was becoming difficult.
  • Faced multiple issues with Image and Video Analyzer.

Solution Offered!
  • Created step catalog for various AWS services like Network Skeleton, EKS, RDS, and Elasticache.
  • Created pipelines for single-click provisioning or destruction of individual components and whole infrastructure at once.
  • Through step catalog support for dynamic values was also enabled for services like Instance Type, Volume Size, Node Type for EKS, and IOPS
  • Implemented AWS Rekognition for solving Image and Video Analyzer issues.
  • Managing terraform state using S3 as a backend.

Final Outcomes

Enabled single-click deployment and destruction of the client’s desired infrastructure environment using the BP step catalogs.

Reduced cost of staging environment by 90%.

The interactive UI of BuildPiper empowered easy management for all the cloud infrastructure.