Indepay is a digital payment platform enabling faster, more convenient & secure transactions that get universally accepted. They are aiming to revolutionize cashless transactions.

Challenges Faced
  • Unprecedented spike in traffic required an automated infrastructure scaling
  • Needed robust automation & pipelines for rolling out frequent products & feature releases like Real Time Payments etc in a new market
  • To get Tara (prime microservice applications stack) production-ready within two weeks
  • Required an alerting mechanism for applications running financial transactions

Solution Offered!
  • 2 Kubernetes cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine
  • 3 applications created and managed
  • Multiple GitOps driven CI-CD Pipelines implemented
  • Real-time production-grade monitoring with Grafana dashboards and Kibana charts
  • Setup of Logging and Monitoring with scalable Elasticsearch cluster
  • Docker optimization and Infra deployment
  • Real-time alerting enabled with Prometheus and Alert Manager
  • Integrations with Slack for live updates on production environment
  • End-to-end handling of operations of microservices
  • Sonarqube setup & integration for holistic CI reporting

Final Outcomes
Indepay was able to achieve a 10x faster & cheaper product launch.

Seamless payments product launch empowered in a new market In 2 weeks.

40+ microservices Launched for the product

Google Cloud & GKE setup & Configurations fully automated

Development teams are fully empowered to automatically set up & decommission dynamic environments, deploy and debug.

10X faster & cheaper product launch enabled

Up to 100% reduction in deployment times