Lets Transport

Lets Transport is a new-age, reliable logistics platform aiming to disrupt on-time delivery with last-mile efficiency.

Challenges Faced
  • Needed a template-based approach towards Kubernetes management.
  • Ballooning cloud costs necessitated automated processes for cost optimization.
  • Needed real-time alerting for proactive incident management.
  • Operational challenges with GKE Autopilot.
  • Needed complete governance control over deployments in production-grade environments.

Solution Offered!
  • Managed Kubernetes equipped with comprehensive operational abilities such as monitoring, logging, along with ingress & namespace management.
  • Implemented GitOps to generate timely CI reports evaluating the commits against quality and security standards.
  • Seamless onboarding of over 25 microservices and 2 Kubernetes clusters via guided UI to lower environments and through BPCTL to the production environment.
  • Integration with Google chat via Step Catalog for setting up real-time notifications on build and deploy details of microservices.
  • Integration with Allure to generate comprehensive reports on code quality, coverage, and security analysis report.
  • Enabled proactive monitoring with Grafana.
  • Enabled deployment versioning to attain governance control over deployments in the production-grade environments.
  • Implemented time-based HPA on production environments to scale resources on demand.
  • Downtime scheduler plugged in lower grade environments to shut down during nights and weekends.
  • Build insights feature that provides the deployment history of all builds.

Final Outcomes

Over 36+ pipelines created.

Supported over 2500 monthly deployments.

Quick alerting of build success or failure via google chat notifications and email notifications.

Ability to remotely trigger build using webhook / BuildPiper REST API