Simsim by Google is an e-commerce company enabling community opinion to sell products to thousands of micro-communities.

Challenges Faced
  • The increase in traffic and expansion of their service offerings prompted them to migrate from serverless to microservices
  • Required faster rolling out of new features for efficient customer retention
  • Quicker redressal to the bugs and complaints experienced in the customer journey.
  • Complexities in Kubernetes Management

Solution Offered!
  • Enabled Seamless Microservices Application Onboarding & Delivery with BuildPiper
  • Security audits performed across AWS EKS infrastructure
  • Comprehensive monitoring, logging, and alerts enabled across all applications with ElasticSearch cluster

Final Outcomes

Seamlessly migrated to AWS EKS from serverless

Enabled new product launch to production in 5 days

EKS Clusters on Spot Instances reduced the cost by 50%

Deployed production microservices in under 5 mins.

Realtime cost transparency achieved