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Challenges Faced
  • Strategy for the entire migration process to GCP – from cost analysis to projected downtime to tech team training – was the need of the hour
  • Multifaceted challenges with the Day 2 management of Kubernetes including upscaling and downscaling of business apps.
  • Old DevOps solutions fell inapt to the present pace of development.
  • Needed comprehensive security checks throughout the microservice delivery cycle.

Solution Offered!
  • Enabled seamless migration of all their existing environments to the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Enabled smooth onboarding of over 22+ applications & 250+ deployments, and 2 Kubernetes clusters.
  • Enabled the setup of new GKE Infrastructure all adhering to CIS Benchmarks.
  • Comprehensive monitoring, logging, and alerts are enabled across all applications with Grafana, Custom Metrics Plugin, Prometheus, and Alert manager.
  • With in-built integrations like Sonarqube and Docker image scanning, code quality checks were ensured.
  • Also, supported easier integration of other third-party software like Kong Controller and Cert Manager for easy management of Kubernetes.
  • Integration between the GCR registry and BuildPiper allowed the easy creation of images on the basis of Tags.
  • Docker optimization and Infra Deployment.

Final Outcomes

Brought down cloud costs by 50% with the deletion of unused cloud resources

Reduced man-hours by 60% with managed solutions, a lot of developers’ time was freed to focus on critical business processes.

Robust observability and monitoring setup for quick real-time issue tracking.

Optimized and better lifecycle management of Microservices.