Enabling governance & Change management is the need of the hour,
here's how to do it with Jira?

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Brands who leveraged Jira with BuildPiper

  • lenskart
    Jira Integration was a feature created exclusively for Lenskart initially. Because customer needs are always our biggest priority
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Now, what is Jira?

Jira is a popular project management tool used by software development teams to track and manage their work in an organized and collaborative way.

Benefits of Jira for change management

Using Jira for change management and governance can provide several benefits, including

  • Improved visibility Improved visibility

    Jira gives you visibility of which changes are pending approval, which have been approved, and which have been implemented. This can help you identify bottlenecks and improve the efficiency of your change management process.

  • Centralized documentation
Centralized doc

    Jira provides a centralized location for documenting changes, approvals, and other governance-related activities. This can help you maintain an audit trail and as well as comply with regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • Collaboration Collaboration

    Jira enables collaboration between team members, stakeholders, and vendors. You can assign tasks and responsibilities, set up workflows, and receive notifications when changes are made or require approval.

  • Customization Customization

    You can create custom fields, workflows, and permissions to ensure that the tool works the way you need it to.

  • Integration Integration

    You can integrate Jira with other tools, such as source code management systems and continuous integration and delivery tools.

A New Gate

When to think about Jira for change management & governance?

If your project involves complex development processes, multiple stakeholders, and regulatory or compliance requirements, Jira can be a useful tool for change management and governance. It can help you ensure that changes are properly documented, reviewed, and approved and that your project is compliant with any applicable regulations or standards.

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Jira Integration with BuildPiper

Few Benefits to start with

Updated Pipelines
Updated Pipelines

Create, update and resolve Jira tickets using pipelines.

Approval Questions
Approval Questions

Seamlessly create approval questions at every stage of the project.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

With BuildPiper you can enable lightning-fast Jira integration.

Jira for change management made simple with BuildPiper

Jira for change management made simple with BuildPiper

BuildPiper can help with Jira integration for governance and change management by providing automated workflows, customizable dashboards, compliance tracking features, collaboration tools, and integration with other tools. This way you can streamline your change management and governance processes for improving efficiency and to reinforce compliance standards are always met.


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