A start from scratch is no longer a requirement for configurations
and infrastructure setup.

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Brands who leverage BuildPiper for Step Catalog

  • lenskart
    With Step Catlouge Kira Studio was able to deploy a multi-region production infrastructure in 24 Hrs.
what is AWS Graviton?

Now, what is Step Catalog?

It is a collection of pre-configured actions or tasks that can be leveraged within a job template for configuring and executing jobs. These steps represent common processes that are frequently used across various projects or workflows.

Benefits of Step Catalog

A few of the many benefits that a template-based approach can bring.

  • Reusable Steps Reusable Steps

    Common onboarding tasks like setting up configurations, provisioning resources, integrating with monitoring and alerting systems etc are encapsulated as templates.

  • Granular Customization Granular Customization

    Easily make adjustments to your workflow by addition or rerrangement of any steps as per the requirement.

  • Resource Utilization Resource Utilization

    Eliminates unnecessary man-hours by automating repetitive tasks. Team members can focus their time and energy on high-priority activities.

The right time

When do you need step catalog section

Step Catalogue is a template-based solution to reduce the bandwidth consumed by repetitive tasks, minimize manual errors during infrastructure/configuration setup, and mitigate chaos resulting from a lack of standardization. Leveraging step catalog enables teams to achieve a 10x improvement in velocity and efficiency in their daily engineering workflows.

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Job Templates and Step Catalogue by BuildPiper
A new way to get things done quicker

Job Templates and Step Catalogue by BuildPiper

BuildPiper provides ready-to-use solutions through its Job Template and Step Catalog framework. Job Templates manage Jobs, each made up of modular Steps that can run in docker containers or VMs. Clone code, send slack message, pre-hook, JIRA integration are a few examples of steps that the product offers. This flexibility allows teams to customize Jobs based on microservices, languages, or other criteria, enabling tailored execution for specific groups of microservices.


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