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Infrastructure Modernization

Microservices are everywhere and are evidently driving almost all scalable and nimble business applications these days. Kubernetes happens to be one of the most popular container orchestration tools in the world that enables the microservices architectures to deliver the best value.

While it allows you to manage, deploy, and scale microservices applications efficiently and easily, handling Kubernetes and integrating it into existing environments can be hugely challenging and we have had extensive expertise in designing, implementing, and managing large scale Kubernetes platforms.

Backed by our strong open-source ethos, Opstree Labs has planned a series of workshops on ‘Advanced Kubernetes’ that will allow you to get in-depth knowledge and a strong understanding of Kubernetes, delivered by our expert technology leaders at absolutely no cost to you.

During the workshop, you’ll get a complete theoretical and practical understanding of the Kubernetes architecture and its components. Powered by Opstree Labs, the Advanced Kubernetes program is specially designed for developers, engineering leads and architects, wanting to enhance their skills and stay on top with the latest technology.

Workshop Overview


In this workshop, first, you’ll know about the Kubernetes architecture, the main components and services of Kubernetes, and how they come together to form a production-class container infrastructure.

Next, you'll learn how to install, deploy, and operate Kubernetes on several cloud platforms. Finally, you'll traverse through cluster architecture, pods, deployments, workloads, and services.

Kubernetes Architecture

This training program will let you know about.

  • - What Kubernetes is,
  • - How it works,
  • - How to deploy a Kubernetes cluster,
  • - The Kubernetes API,
  • - Cluster Administration, and more.

Advanced Kubernetes

This program on ‘Advanced Kubernetes’ is a great opportunity for technologists looking for excellent growth in their career. Other benefits that you wouldn’t want to miss include,

  • - Hands-on-experience on operating Kubernetes
  • - In-depth knowledge of deploying and configuring Kubernetes components
  • - Training from renowned industry experts and hands on guidance
  • - Strong exposure to the latest trends in the market



16th January 2021
Saturday, 12:30 PM IST Onwards
1. Services Architecture
  • - Monolith
  • - Microservices
  • - Stateful vs Stateless application
  • - REST API
  • - Cloud Native applications
  • - Service Discovery
2. Container Introduction
  • - Why and What
  • - Images, containers and registeries
  • - Architecture
  • - Docker CLI
  • - Dockerfile
  • - Dockerfile Lab
3. Pods and Replicasets Services
  • - Orchestration tools concept
  • - K8s vs other tools
  • - Minikube
  • - Minikube Lab
  • - Kubectl
  • - Kubectl Lab
4. Deployment Services
  • - What and why
  • - Journey of Deployment lifecycle
  • - Deployment descriptor
  • - Deployment Lab
5. Volumes Services
  • - What and why
  • - Different Volume Types
  • - Configmap
  • - K8s Secret
  • - Volumes Lab
6. Ingress Services
  • - What and Why
  • - Proxy
  • - Ingress Controllers
  • - Ingress Types
  • - Ingress Lab