GitOps oriented CI-Sec-CD Pipelines

Automated Checks & Reporting

Intuitive & Seamless Pipelines Setup

Step Catalog for adding functionalities

Effortless On Demand YAML View

An 80% reduction in deployment time and cloud cost was achieved by Lenskart

Rajdeep Bhattacharya, Head of DevOps, Lenskart

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APPLICATION DELIVERY with a single click

From Seamless Multiple Deployments To Insightful Post Deployment Analytics


Build & Deploy Multiple Services in a Single Shot

Want to build & deploy multiple services together, just check the box or deploy only the needed ones with an extremely powerful yet simple way of application delivery. Leverage more than 100% reduction in deployment times & cost.

Robust Deployment Analytics

Finding out why a deployment could have failed is now easier than ever! BuildPiper gives you a real-time view of the actual deployments along with exact reasons for potential failures thus bringing down the recovery time by more than 100%.

Setting up Intuitive Pipelines with Ease

Seamless Pipeline construct of stages & jobs

A unique canvas-based approach, where stages can be added along with the specification of its approval status with absolute zero efforts. Buildpiper supports a secure and intuitive set-up of these job types that includes

  • Build & Deploy
  • Promote
  • API Call

Multiple options to trigger the Pipeline

Pipeline execution is triggered by a source code repository where a change in code triggers the corresponding pipeline. Other ways to trigger pipelines include user-initiated workflows and automatic scheduling.

  • Manual
  • Schedule
  • SCM Poll

Jira integration with CI/CD Pipelines

With Jira integration, get the complete audit evidence log collection automatically. This feature also allows the engineering team to track issues across the delivery lifecycle and provides the ability to

  • Create & update
  • Resolve a Jira ticket via the creation of Jobs
  • Approve with comments
Attention - Pro Users!

YAML can't be made this accessible

View the entire workflow via the BuildPiper UI and download the YAML file corresponding to the workflow. Simply upload the YAML file and then configure the entire pipeline workflow. The YAML syntax is designed to be simple & intuitive to understand and enhance as needed.


BuildPiper Sandbox

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