Platform Governance

Complete Code Scanning

BuildPiper helps you in identifying potential vulnerabilities across the stages, including code quality, unit testing, code coverage & code security.

Container Scanning

Once docker image is prepared, Buildpiper ensures seamless and intuitive container deployment & scanning to find errors and vulnerabilities while deploying the containers.

Credentials Scanning

With credential scanning, BuildPiper allows users to check if a database password or a secret credential exists in the code thus keeping the data safe and secure.

Access Granularity

Manage applications, services, environments, clusters and their permissions across large teams seamlessly. Integrate with AD or OAuth with the right security controls in place.

Deployment Analytics

The biggest challenge - Why is my Deployment failing?

Gain immediate insights into the potential reasons for a deployment failure- From service logs, to containers to pod status, platform reliability and recoverability is the easiest it can get


With BuildPiper, it just took us only 20 minutes for setting up a comprehensive logging & monitoring system

Anuj Kumar, CTO, Adda247

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Platform Observability

All the insights you need are already here

Engineering teams require granular information about the performance of containerised applications, infrastructure etc. for enhancing the application reliability. BuildPiper ensures it by enabling seamless integration and default set-up of tools like

  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • Alert Manager
  • ElasticSearch
  • Fluentd
  • Kibana

Enhancing Security & Compliance with right Integrations

BuildPiper Sandbox

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