What’s New in Nubra Ver 2.10

Here’s a wrap up of what we’ve been cooking for you lately!
We are constantly working to improve your BuildPiper experience,
here is a summary of what has changed.


New Features

  • Link an issue – You can link Jira issues to keep track of related work from UI
  • Workspace access of every build and deployment
  • Pipeline invocation from another pipeline
  • GitOps Setup UI – Configure your build, deploy and pipeline execution based on the git events
  • GitOps Reporting UI – Track your git events triggered
  • User Management – Onboard bulk users using csv files
  • BPCTL – Buildpiper’s command line version. Now onboard resources using simple cli commands
  • Jfrog Artifactory integration



  • Functionality to jump to a spcific page while listing of a resource
  • Downtime Scheduler – User friendly UI and enhanced functionality
  • SSE Improvements to decrease log loading speed
  • Option to skip a pipeline stage during execution
  • Multiport port support introduced while configuring deployment details of a service
  • Application Dashboard Side Panel loading time reduced
  • Now user can directly see log of the step while clicking on the step name in view details section
  • Option to skip the deployment rollout validations while deploying a service


Bug Fixes

  • Pod restart button disabled from the deployment analytics screen of prod environment
  • Container Logs format fixed
  • Clicking on the name of the jira ticket will redirect you to the actual ticket in jira
  • Search and pagination implemented for Application dashboard in User Portal
  • Application Name added in build and deployment history of service in execution history page
  • Sllowness in lading Logs issue fixed
  • Option to select all service in Run with parameters of pipeline list page is back
  • Rollout message corrected