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Define Actions

Here’s how you can Define Actions using the BuildPiper interface,

  • Choose the application.
  • Specify the Listener action trigger type. You can choose to trigger the actions via Normal or Pipeline.

Listener Action Trigger Type: Normal#

When the listener receives a message, it will initiate an action. This action can be triggering a build & deployment of a service in a particular environment. In order to define such an action, you need to specify the service and the job details.

  • Select an environment and the service.
  • Choose a Job template and then a Job type.
  • Finally, click Save to proceed further.

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Listener Action Trigger Type: Pipeline#

An another action in response to an event occuring in the Git Repo, can be triggering a specific pipeline. For this,

  • You need to choose pipeline as an option to trigger listener action.
  • Once the listener receives a message, it will invoke an action. As a result, a specific pipeline will get triggered.

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