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Why use BuildPiper for Managed Kubernetes?

For all container adoption challenges that play as major barriers in smooth, secure and compliant, and cost-optimized Kubernetes deployment, BuildPiper is the perfect solution. Instilled as a core feature of the product, Managed Kubernetes makes Lubertes cluster-Microservices application ready!

Out-of-the-box functionalities that BuildPiper has,

  • Creation of Namespaces, Ingress, Config Maps, Secrets, all can be done either by Guided UI or by Manifest via Gitops.
  • Easy production-grade and Highly Available setup of supporting tooling like Hashicorp Vault, Consul, Sonar, Istio, Nginx.
  • Easy and Production grade setup of Monitoring and Log Management Tooling: Prometheus, Grafana, Alert Manager, EFK.
  • Easy Configuration, Maintenance and Management with deep insights and observability.
  • RBAC based Safe and compliant interface for K8s Operations and access control management.
  • Automated Backups and easy recovery options for failover management.
  • Comprehensive Kubernetes monitoring with a feature-rich and simple-to-use Kubernetes dashboard.

BuildPiper is the best way to leverage Managed Kubernetes as a service. Developed by Opstree, Buildpiper provides you with Managed Kubernetes to manage containerized applications. It’s the one-stop solution to help you deploy and manage containerized applications.

Right from rendering dedicated support, to hosting with pre-configured environments to full hosting and integration, Kubernetes monitoring, 360-degree observability, Buildpiper offers everything to operate ongoing configuration, operation, and maintenance of all Kubernetes components and makes Kubernetes cluster- Microservice application ready!