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Deployment Details

BuildPiper supports a Hosted deployment model, where the product gets installed in the client infrastructure. Once installed, your teams can start deploying applications to clusters.

Minimum Infrastructure Requirements to Setup BuildPiper : For stand-alone setup- 1 VM of 4 CPU- 8 GB RAM

Two Platform Interfaces#

BuildPiper has two interfaces/portals through which users can access product features and functionalities.

The Super Admin Portal#

The gateway to create and onboard a cluster, out-of-the-box tooling for monitoring, log management, development tool chain etc. Follow these steps to make your Kubernetes clusters, Microservices ready!

The User Portal#

Enables onboarding a service, creation of CI/CD pipelines, adding CI gate checks, CI scope and managing the entire lifecycle of a microservices application. Our SaaS portal emulates these features and is available for users to explore and play around in our Sandbox.

Below is the main dashboard of the User Portal.

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Watch our Video Tutorials: A complete walkthrough of the User Portal to access its functionalities.