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Kubernetes A/B Testing

This strategy is best for feature testing on a subset of users!

A/B testing deployment strategy comprises testing a new functionality under specific conditions on a subset of users. This technique is primarily used to test the conversion of a given feature and then roll out the version that converts the most. In simpler words, it is a way to compare two versions of something to determine which performs better.

In an A/B test, some percentage of users receives “version A” and other receives “version B. Here is a list of conditions that can be used to distribute traffic amongst the versions:

  • By browser cookie
  • Query parameters
  • Geolocalisation
  • Technology support: browser version, screen size, operating system, etc

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Advantages of Kubernetes A/B Testing#

The benefits of Kubernetes A/B testing strategy include,

  • This strategy enables a comparative analysis of testing metrics for making a well-informed decision.
  • Reduces the deployment risks.
  • Several versions can run in parallel.
  • There is full control over the traffic distribution.