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Cluster Management

BuildPiper makes Kubernetes Management highly intuitive, extremely efficient, simple, and flexible for our users. With advanced features supporting seamless manageability of Kubernetes clusters and additional open-source tools integrations, Managed Kubernetes with BuildPiper commits to make life easier.

Our approach to Managed Kubernetes delivery goes beyond the initial setup and is aimed at making Kubernetes - Microservice Application Ready! BuildPiper provides complete set of best practices and comprehensive operational abilities such as monitoring, logging, alongwith ingress & Namespace management for seamless Kubernetes managemnet.

With BuildPiper, Managed Kubernetes is structured around 4 primary levers that come together to make it ready for Day 1 operations.

  • Setting up secure, scalable, compliant, and cost-optimized K8s cluster
  • Deep insights and observability
  • Configuration & maintenance for Microservices ready K8s
  • Enhanced production-grade Microservice tooling