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Recreate Deployment Strategy

This strategy is best for DEVELOPER ENVIRONMENT!

Recreate deployment is a basic deployment pattern in Kubernetes which simply shuts down all the old pods and replaces them with new ones. The deployment strategy consists of shutting down version 1 and then deploying version 2 after version 1 is turned off. The Recreate strategy can result in downtime as old pods are deleted before ensuring that the new pods are rolled out with the new version of the application. This downtime of the service depends on both the shutdown and boot duration of the application.

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Advantages of Recreate Deployment!#

Benefits of using Recreate strategy include,

  • This deployment strategy is simple to implement as only one version of the model needs to be managed at any time.
  • Using this strategy reduces the deployment risks.
  • There is no need for the new deployment version to be backward compatible as there is only one environment to be managed.