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Setup Complete Infrastructure and K8s Cluster on AWS

During AWS cluster creation, BuildPiper enables,

  • Multi-Availability Zone setup and leveraging cost-effective spot instances.
  • The detailed network configuration of VPC and Subnets.
  • Highly secure cluster creation that conforms to AWS security standards and practices by default.
  • Segregation and allocation of clusters to different node groups based on their resource consumption.

Here is how users can create a new cluster on AWS with our product BuildPiper.

1. Give a name to your cluster.

2. Enter Infra details.Select the region.

3. Specify the AMI-ID.

4. Click on Add credential.

5. Give a unique credential name.

6. Specify the username.

7. Enter the SSH Key.

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8. Specify the network details and enter VPC details.

9. The users need to add Subnet details. Provide at least 1 Public, 1 Private Subnet CIDR or ID for the AWS Zones.

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10. Specify private subnet CIDR/ID details along with the cluster access. Buildpiper supports complete access with no restrictions via Public Access( specify CIDR) and restricted or controlled access through Protected Access(add value).

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11. Specify the node details. Add master nodes.

12. Select the instance type.

13. Mention the number of nodes that need to be created in the cluster along with a specification of the volume size. Click on the save button to save the node details.

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14. Add worker node details. Give a name to the worker node group.

15. You can choose to Add labels by selecting a simple Yes/No. Use Field view to manage a small number of variables. You can use the Editor view in case you want to copy-paste or manage a large number of variables.

16. Finally, click continue to create a K8s cluster on AWS.

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