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Kiali and Jaeger Setup

BuildPiper offers out of the box setup and support for Kiali and Jaeger.


Kiali is a well-structured management console for an ISTIO-based service mesh. It provides user-friendly dashboards, comprehensive observability, and lets the software teams operate the service mesh by inferring the traffic topology. It displays the complete health of the mesh by providing detailed health metrics. By offering detailed metrics, powerful validation, Grafana access, and robust integration for distributed tracing with Jaeger, Kiali helps in boosting the overall security of the cloud environment.


Jaeger is an open-source software for tracking and tracing transactions between distributed services. It is used for monitoring and troubleshooting complex microservices environments. Jaeger lets the development teams perform distributed tracing.

Distributed Tracing Distributed tracing is a method used for combining information about different units of work being executed in different processes or hosts. The main purpose of doing distributed tracing is to understand the entire chain of events in a distributed transaction. Distributed tracing lets developers see and visualize the call flows in large service-oriented architectures.

Trace Jaeger traces the execution of individual requests across the whole stack of Microservices and presents them as traces. A trace is a data/execution path through the system. An end-to-end trace consists of one or more spans.

Span A span represents a logical unit of work in Jaeger. It has an operation name, the start time of the operation, and the duration. Spans may be nested, organised and ordered to obtain causal relationships.