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Logging and Monitoring

Product engineering, deployment, production operations, and infrastructure teams face a lot of challenges when migrating to the cloud and microservices. The increase in the number of services is the key difficulty faced by enterprises during the migration process. As the services and components become smaller, the number increases, and they become more interconnected.

Managing and troubleshooting mission-critical Microservices in this new dynamic environment is quite challenging. So, to efficiently adopt cloud and Microservices-based architecture and deal with these new challenges, enterprises need a robust platform to empower their Microservices application delivery processes.

BuildPiper along with its out-of-the-box functionalities helps you in achieving increased efficiency of your development, release engineering, and operations teams. It supports seamless setup & management of some of the industry-standard tools such as Hashicorp Vault, Consul, Sonar, Istio, and Nginx from a single, centralized console for hassle-free Microservices delivery.

BuildPiper enables seamless integration and set-up of infrastructure monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Alert Manager and log management tools like ElasticSearch, Fluentd, and Kibana . Easy and intuitive integration of these tools allows DevOps teams to gather granular information about the performance of containerized applications that helps them to continuously assess and enhance the application reliability.