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Configuration of Build

Once, a service is created and an environment has been associated with the service, you’re all set to build and deploy the services. For this, you need to configure the build and deployment details.

Once your team configures how the code is built, post that you can easily trigger a build for a particular service. These details are required to configure how code is going to be built in a service.

After onboarding a Service and associating it with an environment, you now need to go to Configure Build Details.

  • Click on “Configure Build Details”.

Docs Version Dropdown

  • In order to configure the build details, you need to provide,
    • Source Details (Mandatory to fill)
    • CI Details
    • Environment Variable
    • Hooks

Filling Source Details is mandatory to configure the build details but information regarding CI, Environment Variable and Hook is absolutely optional.

Read further to know you can add these details for configuring build information.