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Access to Deployment Analytics

A typical challenge of deployments has always been about identifying if the deployment was successful or failed and if it had failed, then what went wrong - not Anymore! In such a scenario, BuildPiper helps you in reducing the MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution) drastically. Read this documentation further to know how.

BuildPiper enables a seamless and quick Microservices delivery through,

  • Validation of Successful Deployment
  • Overview of Deployment Analytics
  • Debugging & Troubleshooting

BuildPiper provides comprehensive visualization of Deployment Status with deep analytical reporting on potential reasons for failure. This helps developers identify, analyze, and debug deployment issues. After deploying a service, teams can get complete visibility of the,

How can you Access Deployment Analytics Details?#

You need to follow these simple steps to view the Deployment Status and Pod Status.

  • Sign in to the User Portal
  • Go to Service Overview
  • Select Service
  • Click the “Monitoring” button on the top-right.

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