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Add Stages

Here are the steps to add stages in the pipeline with BuildPiper.

1. Enter a stage name.

2. Add a stage by clicking on the “Add” button.

3. Click on “Add Job Type” to add a job.

4. Choose a job type. With BuildPiper, you can perform four Job types that include,

  • Build
  • Deploy
  • Promote
  • API Call

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Stages Types#

BuildPiper offers four types of stages that include,

Edit Stage : You can edit the jobs defined within a stage and later save the changes by clicking on the update option.

Add Job : You can add jobs in the pipeline through UI- driven options present on the Buildpiper platform.

Delete Stage : Users can delete the stages created in the pipeline for the deployment of services.

Delete All Jobs : You can delete all the jobs that you assigned in the pipeline.

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