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Automated CI Checks

BuildPiper supports a CI check methodology in the pipeline that enables automated and hassle-free CI checks, supporting different language configurations. Further, users have the option to override rules for CI checks. Some of the languages for which Buildpiper provides corresponding tools and configurations include,

  • JAVA
  • Node
  • PHP

Add Stages to the CI Scope#

You need to provide these basic details for adding CI scope to your application.

1. Specify the CI Scope name.

2. Choose the language of your service.

3. You can choose to tag the CI.

4. Choose the stage that you want to add to the CI scope.

5. Specify the version of the language being used.

With Buildpiper, you can download and upload the configuration file for CI analysis.

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Comprehensive CI Analysis#

Buildpiper has out-of-the-box ability to set up CI gate checks based on the language of your service. With multiple stages to choose from, Buildpiper supports complete CI analysis that you can include in your CI Scope.

  • Code Quality
  • Unit Testing
  • Code Coverage
  • Code Security

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