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Set up CI/CD Pipeline

Buildpiper enables intuitive and easy setup of feature-rich delivery pipelines for a seamless and secure product release. With Buildpiper, DevOps teams get equipped with comprehensive visibility to analyze pipeline efficiency and troubleshoot effectively.

Add Pipeline#

Click on the Add Pipeline option to create a pipeline.

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Create a Pipeline#

1. Give a name to the Pipeline created to run your services.

2. Specify the retention count of your pipeline.

3. With BuildPiper, you can trigger the pipeline, perform testing and then reinvoke the pipeline.Choose how you would like to trigger the pipeline. You can trigger the pipeline via these options,

  • Manual - You can manually trigger the pipeline.
  • Schedule -The pipeline will be triggered on a specific time depending on the cron pattern that you specify, irrespective of the changes taking place in git.
  • SCM Poll - This will check for the changes in the git repo and will trigger the pipeline if there are any.

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4. Choose the service for the pipeline to run on.

5. Add tags to distinguish between various pipelines that you create for enabling seamless and secure code release.

6. Specify the user access group to categorize the role for a safe and hassle-free service deployment via the delivery pipelines.

7. Finally, click on the Save button to proceed further.

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