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Newly Released Features

Here, in this section, we talk about the newly released features of BuildPiper.

Conditional Execution of Pipeline using Conditions of Success or Failure of previous Jobs#

This newly added feature in BuildPiper enables and supports conditional execution of Pipelines both at the Stage and Task level by using conditions of success or failure of previous Jobs. Depending on the failure or success of previous Jobs created, conditions can be specified according to which pipeline execution would continue uninterruptedly.

Retry feature added to Restart/Re-run the pipeline and resolve pipeline issues#

With the help of this retry feature added in the CI/CD pipeline, users can restart or re-run the pipeline and resolve pipeline issues accordingly. Earlier, whenever there was an issue or a bug, the deployment would fail thus resulting in the termination of the pipeline then and there. A major advantage of adding this feature is the ability that users now have, to re-run a build & deploy pipeline for fixing errors and issues, if there are any and for enabling a successful deployment/ delivery.

Integration of Microsoft Teams Notifications with Job Steps#

With Microsoft Teams notifications integrated with Jobs steps, information regarding any failure in the pipeline, error in the CI/CD pipeline deployment or pipeline issues can easily be provided to the software teams instantly without any delay. Instant notifications about such errors and bugs make it possible for teams to take immediate actions for resolving pipeline issues. So, in case a build fails, it gets notified to all.