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Pipeline Management

Management of microservice repositories and CI/CD pipeline becomes much more complex and challenging as the number of applications increases. For businesses looking for solutions to manage CI/CD pipelines, BuildPiper is the ideal choice for effective CI/CD pipeline management. It enables intuitive and easy setup of feature-rich delivery pipelines for a seamless and secure product release.

Automated CI checks and complete CI analysis help in identifying the defects and vulnerabilities in the initial stages, thus enabling a quick, complaint, and hassle-free code release. With BuildPiper, the initial set-up and execution of CI/CD pipelines are structured around these 4 primary levers that make it ready for a quick and bug-free software release.

  • Automated CI Checks
    • Comprehensive CI analysis
    • Multi-language CI support
  • Intuitive and easy setup of feature-rich delivery pipelines
    • Multiple options to trigger the pipeline
    • Easy pipeline construct of stages & jobs
  • Realtime details via an interactive and user-friendly UI
  • Simple and easy to understand UI and YAML view