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Stages and Jobs

Pipelines construct consists of Stages and Jobs. With BuildPiper, you can organize your Pipeline into jobs and stages. A Job is a series of steps that run sequentially as a unit. Stages are major divisions in a Pipeline.

So, a pipeline comprises of:

Jobs that define what to run. For example, code compilation or test runs.

Stages that define when and how to run. For example, that tests run only after code compilation.

If all the jobs in a stage:

  • Succeed , the pipeline moves on to the next stage.
  • Fail , the next stage is not executed and the pipeline is suspended.

Here are the four types of stages offered by our product BuildPiper.

  • Edit Stage
  • Add Job
  • Delete Stage
  • Delete All Jobs

With BuildPiper, you can perform four Job Types that include,

  • Build
  • Deploy
  • Promote
  • API Call